2022 – CWA Artistic Vision, San Ramon City Hall Gallery, Third Place Award for Bernal Heights from 30th Street

2022 – Corte Madera Community Center Paint Out. People’s Choice 2nd place for Town Park Playground

Town Park Playground, Corte Madera, 14 in x 20 in, May 13, 2022

Livermore Art Association Second Place Award for Summertime Lake Del Valle at the Late Spring Show, Bothwell Arts Center, September 2021

Summertime Lake Del Valle, 11 in x 15 in, 20190603

2020 – California Watercolor Association Honorable Mention Award for Chance Encounter
Juror of Awards — Leslie Wilson, CWA, writes about Chance Encounter, “This painting is an intriguing collection of colors and values that tell a story of people in sidewalk scene. It is simple and spontaneous, and engages the viewer with a minimal approach — the small shapes depict people with just enough detail. The colors are pure and the shapes delight the viewer like none other.”


2020 – A Leap Year, January 2020: San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, Bay Area Artists Group Show, Chance Encounter/Rockridge Cafe
“Juror’s Choice’ by Ashley L. Voss, Gallerist & Arts Advocate, states:
“A saturated scene of luscious color sweeps across a calm city street in ‘Chance Encounter.’ Two figures activate the cafe in the center of the composition encouraging viewers to participate in deciphering the work’s narrative.”

Chance Encounter at the Rockridge Cafe

Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, CA, Summer 2019: Springtime on Walnut Street
Honorable Mention for Springtime on Walnut Street. Juror Ruth Koch, Signature member NWS, WW, MCWA, writes, “I admire and appreciate the direct freshness of this painting and the cleanness of the colors. Even though there are no real darks in this piece, the clever use of complementary colors keeps my eye moving around the painting. With just enough information and not one stroke too many, this is a perfectly balanced and charming composition.”

Springtime on Walnut Street, Berkeley, 18 in x 22 in, 2019415

First Place Award for Richmond Train Tunnel, 16 in x 20 in, 2018. $100 prize
Juror Sandi Chin, Director of Community Exhibitions at Domincan University, writes, “This artist used the serendipity of process to produce purposeful images. The result is an invigorating visual experience.”

Dominican Explore Color invitation
Jane Sneed and Sharon Hind-Smith_20180818

People’s Choice Awards, 1st and 2nd place, Jane and Sharon Hind-Smith, Dominican University 2018

Jane Sneed, Michael Friedland, CWA Falkirk

People’s Choice Award, Jane With Michael Friedland, 3rd place, Falkirk Mansion, San Rafael, 2021

Spirit of San Francisco, December 2019: Member Show, Kearny Street from Northbeach to Downtown
‘Juror’s Choice’
by Cynthia Tom, Cultural and Women Focused Curator, states:
“I was looking for evidence of a thought process, conscious or unconscious, that infused emotion into the creation of the artwork. Thank you for infusing your artistic eye into the scene. It sparked a point of joy when I came across your work. Thank you for your take on SF.”

Kearny Street from North Beach to Downtown, 20170316
Kearny Street from Northbeach to Downtown, 30 in x 22 in, 20170316

Benicia Plein Air Gallery: 3rd and 4th Annual Plein Air Paint Outs, 2018 & 2019:
Benicia Walk, Servants Quarters at Benicia Capitol State Historic ParkArts Benicia / Vallejo Community Arts Foundation, Vallejo Waterfront Weekend Plein Air Paint Out, Fall 2018: Third Place Award for Barges, Cranes & Boats, 22 in x 29 in, 10/06/2018. $500 prize

Barges, Cranes and Boats, 2018

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