Waiting for Supper_Giraffe_20190315.jpg
Waiting for Supper, 5 in x 5 in, 3/15/19


Couple Walking_20190216
Walking Couple, 2/14/19
Emeryville Marina Shore_5 in x 8 in_20190218
Emeryville Marina Shore, 5 in x 8 in, 20190218
birds of meeker slough_7 in x 10 in_20190128
The Birds of Meeker Slough, 5 in x 8 in, 1/28/2019
Two by Two_5 in x 8 in_Public Market_20181120Two by Two in the Public Market
Playground.Canada Geese.20181017
Playground and Canada Geese, 8 in x 10 in, 10/17/18
Saint Joseph Cemetery, 2018
George.McKensey and Clyde_20180712
George, McKinsey and Clyde, Sand Pond, 2018
Gray Eagle Creek and Waterfall, 2018
Gray Eagle Waterfall, 2018
Ocean Beach Promenade_20180314
Ocean Beach Promenade, 2018
Blake Garden with Artists_20180212Artists in Blake Garden, 2018
Rain and Wind_20180315
Rain and Wind
Rainy Day in Golden Gate Park_20180315
At the Friend Gate
Cafe on 24th Street_2014
Martha’s Cafe, 24th Street
Man Walking the Dog_20161017.jpg

Walking the Dog, 2016

Cafe Simple Pleasures
Simple Pleasures Cafe, 2016
Simple Pleasures Cafe
Simple Pleasures Cafe
GoldenGateHeights 12.29.16
Golden Gate Heights Stairway
K-Ingleside Overpass_1996.jpg
Ocean Avenue by City College of San Francisco
Christmas Chorus Crop
Alameda Chorus Christmas Concert, 2017
Boy with Guitar_20161120.jpg
Ner Shalom Chanukah
Ner Shalom, Santa Rosa
GG Park Band Disney Concert_2015.jpg
Golden Gate Band Walt Disney Concert
Madeline Mueller at the Piano, 1998
Alexander Tselyokov, Prokofiev Sonata No. 5_1997.jpg
Alexander Tsefyakov Plays Prokofiev

img_20161201.jpgCasting Pond in Golden Gate Park

Linda Mar Beach_20161227_edited
Surfers in Pacifica
The Jay on the Stump
San Franciso Botanical Garden Geese
Wind Survers in Alameda

Cabin at Gold Lake Lodge_2016

Cabin at Gold Lake Lodge, Packing Up, 2016

SF State Sierra Nevada Field Campus
Mule in the Mountains
Downieville Bridge, North Fork of the Yuba River
img_20161120_1309181-e1536805632700.jpgKids Wading in the Truckee River
Creekside Boulder, Sierra Nevada Field Campus
Rita_s House 12.31.16
Rita’s House, Santa Rosa
Morning Coffee in the Castro_1996.jpg
Morning Coffee in the Castro
Cathy’s House, Conover, North Carolina
Chenery Street Market
On the Road Carnival_20170104On the Road with the Carnival, 1967


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