2016 – 2017 Paintings

Hyde Street Pier_13 x 16_2017
­čî╣Hyde Street Pier
Meeker Slough with Egret_13 x 15_2016
Meeker Slough with Egret
Mount Davidson View_15 x 19_2017
Mount Davidson
20170501_Bonita Vista
Bonita Vista
North Bay_16 x 20_20170313
North Bay
Albany Racetrack Beach_20170403
Point Molate with Dogs
California Winter_10.25 x 13_2017
California Winter
Saint Anne of the Sunset_12 x 10_2017
­čî╣Saint Anne of the Sunset
Flood Tide Meeker Slough_11 x 15_2016
Flood Tide Meeker Slough
Traces of the Albany Pier_16 x 20_20170410
Traces of the Albany Pier
Fire Boat Oyster Point_10.5 x 12.5_2016
Oyster Point Fireboat
Port of Oakland_20170918
Port of Oakland, 12 in x 16 in, 9/18/17
Meeker Slough with Scent of Smoke_20171009
Meeker Slough with Scent of Smoke
Alameda Grand Marina_20171023
Alameda Grand Marina
Alameda Marina Rain_12 in x 16 in_20171115
Grand Marina Alameda
Berkeley Marina One_20170828

­čî╣Berkeley Marina One

Berkeley Marina Two_20170828
­čî╣Berkeley Marina Two


  1. Hi Jane- I love your fun. (I won’t say work in this case). They are like Chagalls in birthday party colors. They make me smile!


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